Focus on the effect and quality
of your report

Flexibility, security and transparency

CtrlPrint's main purpose has always been to make the production of designed annual reports more effective and efficient. Ever since the start, our mission has been to increase the flexibility, security and transparency of the annual report project. Together with our users, we have developed a number of features that specifically address the challenges that are part of a complex Adobe InDesign/InCopy publication project with multiple stakeholders and contributors.

Version Control
Full version control Each version of the document is listed with a version number, date and time of creation and the creator's name and comments. Read-only versions of each document as well as PDF's are also available to download.
Edit only the latest version Only the latest version of a document can be accessed for editing.
A new document for each saved version Access to all previous versions with no risk of overwriting.
Simple and secure check-out and check-in system A document is checked out when downloaded for editing – and no other users can access it. When the document is checked in (saved to our server) the latest version becomes accessible to other users.
Only one editor per version A simple and clear version history with an overview of everyone who has been involved.
Save your work locally With the help of the "Save" command in Adobe InCopy your amendments are saved locally – should you have issues, such as a system crash, your work will be recoverable.
No accidental deletions With CtrlPrint you'll never accidentally delete a document, or even a document version, from our system.
Discrete permissions Different users can be given permissions to edit text and/or accept changes in documents.
Accept and reject changes Changes in text and tables can be accepted or rejected on an individual level.
Shorter Lead Times
Instant editing capabilities for all project members Full editing access to text and table content with Adobe InCopy and CtrlPrint Transfer Manager. Even more control with user specific permissions.
No waiting for PDFs You can even set permissions for users to access only PDFs (no installation required).
Instant access to the latest version of the document (Adobe Indesign/InCopy and PDF) Since our solution is cloud based, editors can make changes anywhere at anytime (with the proper software installed.)
Stop doing twice the work Making your own amends means you don't need to send them to someone else to do – which means you don't have to wait to make sure they've been done correctly.
Own your own corrections Full access to edit text and table content in Adobe InCopy allows for more flexibility. Coupled with CtrlPrint's automatic version control you minimise the risk for incorrect content.
Export to Word capabilities available With our extra feature Export to Word you can extract content from an Adobe InDesign document and save it in a Word compatible file.
Offline editing Because the file has been downloaded locally, you can edit your document offline while you're in transit or without an internet connection. You simply reconnect to the internet to upload your work or to download another document.
Multiple people working with multiple chapters Dividing a document into multiple files allows multiple users to edit simulaltaneously and cuts down on lead times and waiting.
Changes are tracked in the file and in PDFs All text changes are tracked when your document is in CtrlPrint. These changes can be viewed in the document and in the PDFs. Information on who and when changes were made can be viewed (displayed as sticky notes in PDFs.)
Be notified when a document becomes available You can select to be notified by email when a document has been checked-in to the system again.
Don't worry about text frame assignments within Adobe InCopy CtrlPrint makes sure that all text frames are editable. No worrying about setting individual assignments for each text frame.
Create PDFs of sections or the whole document Compile the latest versions of PDFs for the portions you need or of the whole document.
Set tasks for the artworkers Use the CtrlPrint server to set tasks for the artworkers when you need changes made to the layout
Filter changes for faster proofing Filter the changes made in the document by date and user. PDFs can then be exported locally with these changes marked.
Who accessed which document? Find out which users have accessed which versions of a document.
Who created which version? See which user created which version of each document.
Full version control All versions are listed with version number, creation date and time as well as username. Access different PDFs, read only documents, and comments for each version.
Track changes in document with filtering options All changes listed by username, date and time as well as page number. Deleted text is stored allowing you to revert changes.
Changes tracked in-line and in PDFs All changes clearly marked in both the document and in PDFs.
Make changes on behalf of others and show them as the editor Manually set the username to make changes on behalf of others. (You cannot however change the name of the creator of a document verison.)
Defined user colours for their changes Changes can be set to display in users specific colors.